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Professional Insurance Brokers in Mexico

Unique Insurance Programs specifically designed for you

If you plan to travel to Mexico for a short or an extended stay, or you're planning to make Mexico your new home, you should consider insurance.

We are a premier Mexican insurance brokerage firm, that specializes in personal and commercial lines of insurance for Americans and Canadians and the expat communities in Mexico. We partner with the best insurance companies in Mexico to offer comprehensive insurance solutions according to your unique needs. Whether you require medical, homeowners, boat, or automobile insurance, Novamar Insurance Mexico is the right Mexican insurance brokerage firm for you.

Enhance your travel experiences

Knowing you and your budget are protected from the unexpected

We are registered and licensed with the Mexican Insurance Department (CNSF) which stands for Comisión Nacional de Seguros y Fianzas.
We are a legal domiciled company in Mexico, and so are all our agents.


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