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Health Insurance for Expats in Mexico


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Sorry but due to the terms and conditions of the Insurance companies, We cannot offer a Health insurance policy. If you are interested in a Travel medical or Medical evacuation coverage please contact Sabrina Godinez:
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If you have any questions, be sure to check out our health insurance guide below.
For further details please contact our Health Insurance specialist.
Pablo Castellanos -
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Health Insurance for Expats in Mexico

When it comes to being insured out of your home country, it can be overwhelming preparing for your new home. Your medical coverage is no exception, so we are here to help you understand our healthcare system and to help you find the right medical insurance program that suits all your needs. Direct payments to hospitals and doctors, English speaking assistance 24/7, affordable costs and a program with a system similar to other health insurance companies in your home country. There are all important concerns for most expats in Mexico.

When talking about insurance programs specifically for expats in Mexico, Novamar leads the way with English speaking staff located in Mexico since 2009. Our Health Insurance programs in Mexico have been specifically designed to suit the needs of the Expat community in Mexico.

From basic to elite international health insurance companies in Mexico, our Health Insurance plans differ on costs and benefits. We ensure to work only with providers that can guarantee a high level of customer care. For this reason, we do not work with every insurance company in the market, only the most reputable.

While we offer the most complete and exclusive plans in the market such as BUPA or Pan American with all of the benefits you could possibly need. We also offer the most competitive plans and “essential” plans for coverage only in Mexico as well as offshore providers. Each plan will have its perks based on your specific needs.

Here are some bullet points that can help serve a guide:

We have three different categories of insurance programs, which one is right for you?

  • We have premium providers such as BUPA, Pan American, BMI & among others for extensive worldwide coverage. These include USA coverage and are at the higher end as far as costs and benefits.
  • We offer offshore international plans by providers such as VUMI and Red Bridge. These American providers can exclude USA coverage and offer solid plans at a more competitive rate compared to the elite plans.
  • We also offer Mexican national plans for your essential coverage in just Mexico (Mapfre, GNP, SURA among others). These plans are usually more attractive in rates and guarantee financial stability as Mexican registered insurance companies. If you opt for a National plan be sure that your health insurance executive clearly explains what will be your copay and your waiting periods as these are important distinct characteristics.

Age limits

  • Ages limit to apply for an international health insurance plan: 74
  • Age limit to apply for a National Plan for coverage in Mexico only: 59-69 depending on the insurance provider
  • Ages 75-84, We have only one option available: VUMI Senior and you can expect an annual premium of approximately $12,000 US
  • We recommend our clients applying for a plan before reaching age 75 for a larger variety of options

What if I only want catastrophic coverage

  • We have different options for catastrophic coverage policies. You can opt for a very high deductible or seek a defined benefit plan. For further information, please contact our health insurance department and we will gladly assist you.

For a free consultation please fill out your request and our Health insurance specialist will connect with you

Pablo Castellanos
322-297-6440 Ext. 104

What to do if a loss occurs
Frequently Asked Questions
  • Will a policy cover my preexisting conditions?
  • What are waiting periods?

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