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By Roberto Castellanos Omaña of Novamar - Sep 07, 2021
Family on boat

For the owners of pleasure boats, Mexico offers more than twelve thousand kilometers of beautiful coastline to discover. Where the rainforest and the desert meet the sea. The cruising experience travelling to new places and meeting new people is exciting and wonderful! More so when you are cautious and comply with the laws, which require Civil Liability Insurance for Damages to Third Parties issued by an insurer registered in Mexico for any boat that is in Mexican waters. Compliance with these laws is found in Article 176 of the Law on Navigation and Maritime Trades and in Article 176 of the Law on Maritime Navigation and Commerce. Third is the General Law of Institutions and Mutual Insurance Companies in Mexico.

Health Insurance in Mexico

By Roberto Castellanos Omaña of Novamar - Jul 30, 2021

You want your stay in Mexico to be a pleasant and predictable experience.But what if you should fall ill or suffer an accident? You want to be treated in the best hospitals with the most knowledgeable healthcare providers, but the cost of treatment in a private hospital can cost upwards of millions of pesos. A Mexican health insurance policy will provide you with financial protection as well as peace of mind.

Travel Insurance for Mexico

By Roberto Castellanos Omaña of Novamar - Jul 01, 2021

The best experience when traveling is when everything goes as planned, but when does that happen? With a Mexico Travel Insurance Policy, the inconveniences that can occur in even the best planned trip are covered. The trip begins when you start planning, making reservations, and make several prepayments. The incidents that can occur from that moment are several and can be covered by your Mexico travel insurance policy, backed by the best international insurers.

Mandatory Mexican Auto Insurance

By Roberto Castellanos Omaña of Novamar - Jun 08, 2021

Traveling to Mexico by car? You need to carry Mexican auto insurance to drive legally in the country, as liability coverage is mandatory. We are here to assist you.

Hurricane season is back, it is around the corner and it comes with the need for travel, home, and boat insurance.

By Novamar Insurance - May 03, 2021

The Colorado State University Tropical Meteorology Project Team is predicting an Above average Atlantic hurricane season this year, with 17 named storms which is a 40% increase over the 2020 storm season. This includes eight hurricanes, four of which are predicted to become major hurricanes.

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