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Cars with foreign plates in Mexico – Mexican Auto Insurance

Published Date: Oct 05, 2021

Cars with foreign plates in Mexico – Mexican Auto Insurance


Throughout the year thousands of vehicles cross the border to travel to Mexico to drive on its roads, highways, and streets in different cities. The good weather of this country attracts them more between the months from October to May. These tourist cars must comply with the same legal obligations as any vehicle in Mexico, among them, to have a Mexican Auto Insurance policy with Third-Party Liability Coverage


Limits for coverage of damages to third parties.

In Mexico there are no minimum limits for this coverage as in other countries, but it must be considered that each state has a minimum compensation limit in case of accidental death: it varies for each state, from $ 400,000.00 to $ 3,700,000.00 pesos. Therefore, Novamar recommends always having a minimum of $4,000,000.00 pesos or US $200,000.00 included your Mexican Tourist Auto Insurance Policy.


Covered Drivers

In these Mexican tourist auto insurance policies, only the owner of the vehicle (over 21 years old) is authorized to drive the vehicle, in addition to his direct relatives – also, over 21 years old – if the registered owner is inside the car. The driver's license must be issued by the country of origin of the vehicle. Sometimes the owners ask a Mexican citizen national to drive. This can be accepted by Mexican insurance companies, but the owner of the vehicle must also be in the vehicle.


The Temporary Import Permit (TIP)

The famous TIP.  It is extremely important that the TIP is updated in case of a claim for total loss or theft of the vehicle. For partial losses, it is not necessary to present it to the insurer.


Make sure you are insured through an insurance agent who is on both sides of the border

These policies are issued by Mexican insurance companies. It is therefore very important that the agent from whom it is purchased, as in the case of Novamar, has offices with English speaking licensed insurance agents on both sides of the border.  You should always make sure your insurance agent is licensed and located in Mexico, preferably, with an in-house claims department.  Local representation in Mexico is critical in the event of a traffic accident.  Novamar's offices in Mexico will always be between you and the insurance company and with you to make the process faster and smoother. Don't just depend on what adjusters tell you in a claim, have your agent on both sides of the border always helping you.