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Oct 31 2019

´´Amaranto´´ food richness in Mexico.

Mexico and its food wonders since pre-Hispanic times. One of them is undoubtedly the seed of Amaranto, which is considered a food with high nutritional quality and as one of the most widespread crops for more than four thousand years in Mexican lands . It has had had great relevance in the religion as it was traditionally presented as an offering in pre-Hispanic cultures.

Nov 26 2019

Mandarin a great tasting seasonal fruit in Mexico with health benefits

The mandarin in considered the most abundant citrus fruit in Mexico and the most popular in the winter season. This fruit is characterized by its high level of Vitamin C and contains large amounts of other beneficial properties for our health and its use in cosmetics.

Jul 30 2021

Health Insurance in Mexico

You want your stay in Mexico to be a pleasant and predictable experience.But what if you should fall ill or suffer an accident? You want to be treated in the best hospitals with the most knowledgeable healthcare providers, but the cost of treatment in a private hospital can cost upwards of millions of pesos. A Mexican health insurance policy will provide you with financial protection as well as peace of mind.