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Christmas Punch.

Published Date: Dec 12, 2019

Christmas Punch.

Mexico is full of traditions and flavors. When winter arrives, Mexican cuisine is prepared with rich and delicious Christmas fruit punch. This drink is traditional during Christmas holidays as its preparation consists of using seasonal fruits full of nutrients.

Get to know one of the most important drinks of Mexican gastronomy and its great nutritional contributions.

Let's talk a little about the beneficial contribution of this drink, we know that its main ingredient is fruits full of various vitamins and minerals. Also providing us with a great amount of fiber. The main vitamins in the drink are C and A, which are responsible for strengthening our immune system and offer great antioxidant benefit. When referring to fiber, during these dates we usually forget the intake of your necessary fiber supply, making this drink a useful option to increase your daily contribution.

Now let’s tak about the sweetener used for the drink, It is very important for this drink to be healthy, delicous but beneficial. The sweet provided by the natural sugar of the fruits release in the water should be the main sweetener in the drink, not so much the additional sweetener. This way you will make the most of each of the nutrients of each fruit and not allowing the abuse of sugar in your diet.

The combination of the holidays with this delicious drink is perfect, nothing can beat a good Christmas evening accompanied by a rich "Christmas Ponche". If you do not know the recipe, we have prepared a small guide for you so that you do not miss out!

Take note:

What ingredients are used to prepare the Christmas Punch?

The following fruits are used; tejocote, guava, prune, green apple, tangerines, oranges, pears, tamarind, cloves and sugar cane which is essential for this drink. Also abundant cinnamon since its flavor is very predominant in the Christmas Ponche. Some people add star anise as a sweetener but Piloncillo is more traditionally used. However, remember that fruits release their natural sugar so it is not necessary to add much sweetener.

The way to prepare it is very simple. First you add drinking water as well as cinnamon and piloncillo in a large pot. Then you boil the water and add the rest of the ingredients leaving the chopped fruits to simmer for about one hour so that the flavors of the different fruits are fully infused and ready. You can now serve it in your cup and delight in its abundant flavors.

Enjoy your Christmas Punch as a family during these december festivities!