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Lightning damage insurance coverage.

Published Date: Aug 27, 2019

Lightning damage insurance coverage.

This electrical damage coverage is included in our multi-risk home insurance policies, this covers damage to installations, electrical appliances due to short circuits and some other incidents that are a direct result of lightning.

Fire is one of the most destructive accidents that occur in a home or establishment, coverage against fire is one of the principal coverages in Home Insurance, highlighting coverage against a lightning strike resulting in a fire in the home.


It is often a little tragic to think that we will witness a lightning strike in our home, but it can happen, of course the fire is not the only thing that can cause damage, because it is also likely that there will be electrical damage as a result of some discharge or short circuit affecting electronics in your home.

When it comes to a vehicle, there is also protection against damage that is directly or indirectly caused to a vehicle. 

Actions that could be taken to reduce or prevent lightning damage are:

  • Install lightning rods or lightning protection system. 

These types of systems are mainly developed for the protection of the structure of a home or business, channeling through safe and specific channels of the energy obtained by a ray so that it is channeled to the earth without damaging the structure.


Let's not leave aside that installing this type of lightning protection is high cost, but that it will give you better security for your heritage, business and belongings.

  • Use electric flow charge protectors.

They are highly effective, as they turn out to be as a protective layer to home appliances and electronic equipment. They participate by inhibiting sudden flow changes that are caused by thunderstorms.

  • Unplug electronic equipment before storms.

It is vital that we unplug all the appliances before the storm and not during, since if it is done while in the thunderstorm it may be too late and could result in some damage to the electronic equipment.

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