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Mexican boat insurance for pleasure vessels coverage and indemnity

Published Date: Sep 07, 2021

Mexican boat insurance for pleasure vessels coverage and indemnity

For the owners of pleasure boats, Mexico offers more than twelve thousand kilometers of beautiful coastline to discover.  Where the rainforest and the desert meet the sea. The cruising experience travelling to new places and meeting new people is exciting and wonderful!  More so when you are cautious and comply with the laws, which require Civil Liability Insurance for Damages to Third Parties issued by an insurer registered in Mexico for any boat that is in Mexican waters. Compliance with these laws is found in Article 176 of the Law on Navigation and Maritime Trades and in Article 176 of the Law on Maritime Navigation and Commerce.  Third is the General Law of Institutions and Mutual Insurance Companies in Mexico.


Boat Family

There are several Mexican domiciled and licensed insurance companies which offer these policies while in Mexican waters and, when requested specifically, for international waters. Full coverage for boats can be purchased including coverage for damage to the hull, sinking, stranding, risks of the sea, theft, total loss, damage to third parties, to other boats, medical expenses for passengers and crew, among others.


Sailing on boat

Most pleasure yachts in Mexico fly a foreign flag.  More than 90% are from the United States. These boats can insure the hull with an insurance company in their home country, which is sometimes less expensive. These policies normally include Liability to Third Parties, but they are not recognized by the Mexican government, because this coverage must be issued by an insurer registered in Mexico. Therefore, boaters must have an additional policy, which is very inexpensive with annual premiums starting under $200 USD.  Novamar's Vessel Liability Insurance policy for pleasure boats includes yacht tenders for the same premium.  More information about costs click here

One of the advantages of Mexican insurance policies is that they also offer coverage when the boat is moved overland within the country. Coverage may be requested to be extended to the U.S. territory for a few days as well.

Sailing with Familiy


High-value personal items such as fishing equipment, electronics, surfboards, and paddle boards can be covered, but you must declare those items in the policy.