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Mexican snacks the healthy version.

Published Date: Sep 17, 2019

Mexican snacks the healthy version.

We are in the month where we cannot resist the holidays and much less Mexican snacks, but that will not be a reason not to eat any of them. We found for you a variety of versions to prepare your dishes, making them healthier with a lower intake of fat and carbohydrates than they normally would be if no modification was made.

As the primary advice, do not forget that it is always better and healthier with all types of food to be steamed, baked or roasted, so there will be no need to add any type of fat at the time of cooking, giving us a healthier dish.

On the other hand, adding abundant vegetables to all our dishes would contribute to our daily fiber, so we can avoid feeling bloated or some type of constipation, helping us with effective intestinal mobility.

Soon we will mention some of the modifications for your delicious dishes.

Let's start with the most common the “Corn Tortilla” of course it is difficult to resist some delicious tacos, but replacing the corn tortilla with nopal tortillas makes a difference, since 2 pieces of Nopal tortillas equal 1 piece of Corn tortilla, giving us the opportunity to eat the same amount of tortillas, but with less caloric intake.

In the matter of “Fritos” foods such as golden tacos, toast or enchiladas, choose to use the oven instead, you will realize that you will get the same result in consistency and flavor, but with better nutritional value.

Replace the fats with ‘’healthy fats’’ a great example would be instead of using cream or some dressing, use the delicious Avocado! Prepare a guacamole or simply add slices, so the benefits of that fat will be beneficial. Keep in mind that it is still fat, so you should not overlook taking care of the portions.

Now let's talk a little about animal protein, choose lean meats, such as pork tenderloin and poultry. Prepare with the same ingredients and spices, you will notice that the taste is the same, but nothing like enjoying a good portion of lean meat in your tacos, soups, toasts, etc.

Fruit or flavor water “Aguas Frescas” try to use ripe fruit for your selection to make the flavored water, so its sweet taste will be more noticeable without adding sugar to your drink.

And last but not least the Pozole, a 1/3 cup of cooked corn is equivalent to 1 corn tortilla, so choose according to your daily intake and eat a delicious pozole without a problem. Also consider that the meat is lean to give it a plus, choose from Chicken meat or pork loin, do not forget to add abundant vegetables in your dish. This way you will get your full plate of fiber (vegetables), carbohydrates (Tortilla) and protein (chicken).

These are some modifications that can help you a lot so as not to abuse the fats and calories in the dishes, of course, not all the time can you comply with these types of recommendations, but they are very helpful.

Eat and enjoy these national holidays in a responsible way.