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Services included in your car and house policies

Published Date: Jun 07, 2022

Services included in your car and house policies

Many people think that an insurance policy should only be used when an accident occurs, or better, if it is never used. Today insurance companies have added additional benefits to give greater value to their brand. Auto and homeowners policies are a clear example. It is not necessary for a fire, hurricane or a road accident, robbery, or damage to third parties to begin to take advantage of the protection investment that you have been made in purchasing your insurance policy. In case of an accident there are more services included in addition to compensation for direct material damage or for third party liability.
Below are listed some of the assistance services included in these policies; they can be requested by dialing the insurer's 800 claims phone.

Auto Policy Services

  • • Vehicle towing (2 tows per year).
  • • Road assistance [tire change, jump a battery, gasoline delivery (gas cost to the insured)].
  • • Locksmith service.
  • • Deposit for custody of the repaired vehicle or when recovered for theft.
  • • Transportation and stay of a family member for hospitalization
  • • Transportation by accident, mechanical failure, or total theft.
  • • Transportation or repatriation for injury or death.
  • • Interruption of travel due to the death of an immediate family member in Mexico.
  • • Medical assistance abroad for injury or illness.
  • • Emergency dental expenses abroad (outside of Mexico).
  • • Prolongation of stay abroad due to injury or illness.
  • • Transmission of urgent messages.
  • • Advance of funds abroad upon deposit
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Home Room Policies

  • • Locksmiths
  • • Plumbers
  • • Crystals damage repairs
  • • Legal Defense
  • • Funeral Services

Contact us and we will gladly review your current insurance policy or if you do not have it, we will design one to suit you.

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