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Temporary Rental Property Insurance with Hosting Services.

Published Date: Nov 28, 2019

Temporary Rental Property Insurance with Hosting Services.

This is insurance designed to cover the responsibilities that arise  from properties used for temporary rental and lodging through portals or applications in the sharing or collaborative economy.  The insurance compensates the property owner for liability to a third party, for damage or injury caused unintentionally during the rental period. It includes the following coverages:


Legal defense and compensation, for damages caused to third parties by the activities carried out within the property itself. In addition, it is possible to cover the risk of intoxication suffered by short term renters or guests occupying the property by the consumption of food and beverages, when these are supplied by the insured.

Personal legal liability of the employees of the insured in the performance of their functions within the insured property.

Insurance expansion

If necessary, the insurance can be extended to cover claims that are submitted under the law of the country of residence of users of the service from abroad, i.e. claims from abroad.

In conclusion, this product provides a risk management plan for the tourism sector in national territory, protecting the assets of rental establishments, as well as, liability arising from the provision of their services in the regular operation of them. They are a very good choice for the risk coverage needs of the Mexican market in its various tourist destinations.


In Novamar Insurance you can find an option designed according to the needs of your business.