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Mandatory Mexican Auto Insurance

By Roberto Castellanos Omaña of Novamar - Jun 08, 2021

Traveling to Mexico by car? You need to carry Mexican auto insurance to drive legally in the country, as liability coverage is mandatory. We are here to assist you.

Hurricane season is back, it is around the corner and it comes with the need for travel, home, and boat insurance.

By Novamar Insurance - May 03, 2021

The Colorado State University Tropical Meteorology Project Team is predicting an Above average Atlantic hurricane season this year, with 17 named storms which is a 40% increase over the 2020 storm season. This includes eight hurricanes, four of which are predicted to become major hurricanes.

Christmas Traditions in Mexico

By Fernanda Araiza of Novamar - Dec 30, 2019
Christmas celebrations

There are many classic traditions surrounding Christmas in Mexico. Christmas is not just a single day, but a whole season of Christmas-related celebrations which stretches from December 16th through January 6th.

Christmas Punch.

By Fernanda Araiza of Novamar - Dec 12, 2019
Ponche Navideño

Mexico is full of traditions and flavors. When winter arrives, Mexican cuisine is prepared with rich and delicious Christmas fruit punch. This drink is traditional during Christmas holidays as its preparation consists of using seasonal fruits full of nutrients.

Temporary Rental Property Insurance with Hosting Services.

By Fernanda Araiza of Novamar - Nov 28, 2019

This is insurance designed to cover the responsibilities that arise from properties used for temporary rental and lodging through portals or applications in the sharing or collaborative economy. The insurance compensates the property owner for liability to a third party, for damage or injury caused unintentionally during the rental period. It includes the following coverages.