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Novamar president of International Insurance Broker Congress.

By - Oct 08, 2019

Novamar is proud to announce that our Director General, Mr. Roberto Castellanos Omaña, was appointed president of the XII International Congress of the Association of Insurance and Bonds AMASFAC 2019.

Insurance HOA, What you need to know before you buy it.

By Fernanda Araiza of Novamar - Sep 24, 2019

Knowing how to create a policy for an HOA is important for the care and security of your condos assets. Management of condominium regulations and understanding the risks involved with insurance needs, financing, operating accounts and emergency funds, can be an overwhelming task. Approaching a HOA expert can help you turn this exercise into a positive learning experience.

Mexican snacks the healthy version.

By Fernanda Araiza of Novamar - Sep 17, 2019
Mexican Snacks

We are in the month where we cannot resist the holidays and much less Mexican snacks, but that will not be a reason not to eat any of them. We found for you a variety of versions to prepare your dishes, making them healthier with a lower intake of fat and carbohydrates than they normally would be if no modification was made.

Celebrate Independence of Mexico.

By Fernanda Araiza of Novamar - Sep 10, 2019
Fiestas  Patrias

September is a beautiful month in Mexico. It is the Patrio, meaning the celebration of the founding of Mexico’s Independence. It’s a time to celebrate Mexico’s deep traditions and culture and the celebration of its Independence day on September 15th which starts with the “Grito de Dolores“.

Lightning damage insurance coverage.

By Fernanda Araiza of Novamar - Aug 27, 2019

Fire is one of the most destructive accidents that occur in a home or establishment, coverage against fire is one of the principal coverages in Home Insurance, highlighting coverage against a lightning strike resulting in a fire in the home.