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Planning a road trip? Follow our advice

By Fernanda Araiza of Novamar - May 14, 2019
Road Trip

Traveling on the road can be one of the most enjoyable experiences, but remember that responsibility goes ahead of everything, follow our tips that will help you to make your trip safe and fun.

NOPAL Traditional Food in the Mexican diet.

By Fernanda Araiza of Novamar - May 07, 2019

Mexico is the main producer and consumer of Nopal (Opuntia ficus-indica) worldwide. Learn about the benefits of a diet that includes Nopal!

FIC Puerto Vallarta International Film Festival 2019

By Fernanda Araiza of Novamar - Apr 16, 2019
FIC Puerto Vallarta

The International Film Festival arrived in Puerto Vallarta (FICPV) this year for its 19 year! It Is the most important cinematographic event occurring in our ever growing tourist destination. This year our invited guest of honor was the country of Chile.

Hydrometerological phenomena coverage in Mexico

By Novamar Insurance - Apr 09, 2019
Hydrometerological phenomena

Mexico is a country vulnerable by its geographical location to natural phenomena, the impact of these events has significant economic and social repercussions.

Take charge of your well being!

By Fernanda Araiza of Novamar - Apr 02, 2019
Fitness Food

Throughout our lives it is important to develop good health habits through exercise and diet. Excess consumption of high fat and sugary foods creates stress to our bodies which leads to unwanted weight gain and the probability of any number of chronic degenerative diseases.